Prove your tactics and strategy skills in this awesome real time strategy game by controlling an intelligent type of gel which learns new abilities from the enemies it encounters - welcome to project Gelluloid! Learn new abilities, advised by the G.A.P. (Gelluloid Asistance Program), as you progress through carefully designed campaigns. Uncover new gameplay modes, new units and enhance your gel with powerful upgrades.

Main features:
- Fun, engaging, fast paced and brain melting!
- Clever map designs with refreshing gameplay modes and puzzles
- Campaign Packs released regularly, currently over 100 maps included
- 3 levels of difficulty to challenge novices and expert tacticians alike
- Powerful upgrades can be mixed in the Laboratory
- New types of cells are introduced along the way!
- Skirmish mode provides an arena where you play classic battles and earn research points
- Analytical AI gives rise to provocative opponents
- 5 classes of viruses spice up the game, keeping you on your toes
- Awesome graphics and original sound design

Additional features:
- Multiple profiles allow your friends to chime in too
- Stimulating achievements
- In-game tutorials
- A nice background story, if you care for reading it :)