MapsWithMe Lite, 離線地圖

The fastest offline maps of the entire world. Travel with confidence: maps work everywhere, anytime!

*** TechCrunch: "What they [MapsWithMe] offer is significantly better than Google Maps offline..." ***


• ALL COUNTRIES, ALL CITIES. If you get the MapsWithMe Pro, the entire world is in your pocket. Even maps of the smallest islands. Unlimited number of maps!

• REALLY FAST. No grey squares anymore! Our innovative data compression method allows you to download maps in seconds, navigate through them smoothly.

• GPS POSITIONING. You will always be able to locate where you are with the GPS positioning and compass.

• MILLIONS OF POI. Millions of POI converts the app into your own city guide. Search within food, shop, hotel, sights, entertainment, bank, transport and many other categories to find the place you need.

We are always working on new features and would love to hear from you on how you think we could improve MapsWithMe. If you have any problems, just contact us: We respond to every request.

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Feel confident while traveling with MapsWithMe (Maps With Me)!

All cities of the world: London , Paris, Bangkok, Singapore, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Madrid, Dubai, Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Rome, New York, Shanghai, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam, Vienna, Beijing, Taipei, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Quito, Abu Dhabi, Tunis, Dubai, Taipei, Istanbul, Beijing, Bogota, Lima, Riyadh, Nairobi, Singapore, Seoul, Cairo, Shanghai, Toronto, Washington, D.C., Caracas, Moscow, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Florence, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Bahrain, Shanghai, Toronto, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Mecca, Prague, Cancun, Macau, Venice, Warsaw, Mexico, Guangzhou, Benidorm, Orlando, Miami, Munich, Shenzen, Sydney, Lisbon, Las Vegas, Hangzhou, Marrakesh, Tokyo, Mumbai, Sao Paulo

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Recent changes:
MapsWithMe team is excited to announce a new 2.4 version release
*Coordinates info is added to every place on the map
*Maps rendering speed increased by 20%. For Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nexus S, Galaxy S and some other devices maps become up to 200% faster. Are the improvements noticeable for you?
*Fresh OpenStreetMap data
*MapsWithMe, offline maps API integration is available
We appreciate your comments and will continue to make MapsWithMe app the perfect tool for your needs!

MapsWithMe Lite (Maps With Me)可以讓你對旅行充滿信心!你將可以隨時瞭解你的位置以及如何找到最近的餐廳、你的酒店或景點。並且無需網路連接,因為你能夠以完全離線的方式搜尋和使用地圖。

• GPS定位。你可以透過GPS定位和指南針隨時查找你的位置。

• 非常快速。再也不會出現灰色方格!我們的創新資料壓縮方法讓你可以瞬間下載地圖,並順利地操作。

• 所有國家、所有城市。如果你攜帶了MapsWithMe,整個世界便裝進你的口袋中。

• 新數據。地圖資料來自開源計畫OpenStreetMap,其中的地圖資料由全球各地的數萬名用戶每天進行更新。因此你可以放心,你收到的都是最新資訊。


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