FREE YOURSELF! Play the world famous Tetris® game you know and love with improved controls and all-new social features.CHECK OUT THESE RADICAL FEATURES:• MARATHON MODE – We've added all-new controls so you can stack like a pro. Choose between lightning fast One-Touch, classic Swipe controls, or the innovative new Drag-and-Place option to keep clearing those lines.• TETRIS® GALAXY – Try this new multi-level mode! Clear to the core as you drop each Tetrimino with split-second intensity. And use power-ups to transform the blockade below!• FACEBOOK LEADERBOARDS – Connect with your friends and brag about high scores on the newsfeed and more.• TETRIS® RANK – Keep a tally of every line you've ever cleared!• T-CLUB – Join fellow Tetris® Enthusiasts and gain an advantage with bonus lines and T-Coins.釋放自我!遊玩盡人皆知、無人不愛的世界知名遊戲《俄羅斯方塊》,現以改進的控制方式和全新的社交功能呈現。不要錯過這些顛覆性的創新設計:• 馬拉松模式– 加入了全新的控制方式,讓您像專業玩家一樣堆砌方塊。可以選擇快如閃電的單點觸摸模式、原版的滑動控制模式或創新的拖放模式,每種都讓您盡情體驗消除的樂趣。•《俄羅斯方塊星空》 – 快試試這種全新的闖關模式吧!在緊張刺激的瞬間,用掉落的方塊一路消除直到地心,還能使用輔助道具讓堆積的障礙變換形狀!• FACEBOOK 排行榜– 連上您的好友,使用消息饋送誇耀自己的超高分數,還有更多新鮮趣味。•《俄羅斯方塊》排名– 清楚記錄消除過的每一行!• 方塊俱樂部– 加入《俄羅斯方塊》狂熱族的行列,利用獎勵行和方塊金幣帶來的優勢橫掃千軍。