Dead on Arrival 2

How long can you survive the zombie onslaught?

Tear though wave after wave of the walking dead with custom built death-dealing weapons like the fire-spitting Minigun or the room clearing Rocket Launcher? Or perhaps you'll prefer the Freeze Ray or Flame Thrower to stop the hordes in their tracks.

Whatever the weapon, you'll be painting the walls and floors red as you run, shoot, dodge and fight for your life in an industrial playground filled with deadly traps and deadlier enemies.

Cross-platform Multiplayer:
Yes that's right! You can fight the zombie horde alone or join forces and take on the bloodthirsty masses with up to 3 other players in co-op mode.

Nvidia Graphics:
Take it to the next level on Tegra 4 with dynamic shadows, ultra-realistic blood splatter, incredible lighting and the latest post-processing effects. The end of the world never looked so good. Watch those zombie body parts fly - heads, arms and legs raining onto the floor - along with awesome ragdoll and environmental physics.

Controller support:
DOA2 supports all kinds of controllers! SHIELD, Xbox 360, PS3, Moga, Logitec, Xperia … even the OUYA (which will be out very soon!).

Dead on Arrival 2 is designed to push your mobile device to the limit and is best played on high end devices such as the nVidia SHIELD or Samsung Galaxy S4. We would not recommend playing the game on devices more than two years old or with a chipset lower than Tegra 2.

Gameplay Features:

* Fast paced survival action mayhem against massive waves of the undead

* Fight alone or as a team in 4-man multiplayer mode

* Intuitive dynamic thumbstick controls for walking, running, aiming and shooting

* Unlock new areas containing deadlier weapons to help you stay alive

* Use powerful weapons to take down Special Infected zombie mutations

* Search for the “random box” and destroy your enemies with the most powerful guns

* Upgrade weapons, armor and ammo at any time

* Unlock powerful MODS to increase power and improve your survival chances

* Full 3D action with the most advanced gory effects

* All in ultra-high detailed graphics designed for mobile gaming

The sequel to Dead on Arrival brings new graphics, new zombies, new battlegrounds and new upgradeable weapons.

Keep pulling that trigger and see how long you can survive.


* Leonid Litovski on Sep 2013

Neck deep in Trouble! No zombie disco balls, and sofa etc... While waiting an update, we got a new game, and wooohooo it was worth it... First game was fun. Triple it for the part 2.

* Ben Boase on Sep 2013

First class Great gameplay mechanic. Wonderfully ghastly graphics. Deliciously difficult. Love it.


What the fans said about Dead on Arrival (the original game we released 2 years ago):

* Everton Junior on Jul 6, 2013 at 8:26 PM
Best game ever !!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of Call Of Duty Zombies. U guys added a mystery box, all kinds of perks. I like really kool

* mircea raetchi on Jun 14, 2013 at 7:16 AM
Awesome I love the fact that you really feel scared when playing this game. By the time you get to wave 15 you know that the only thing you can do is barricade yourself in a dark room and, well, die

* Leonid Litovski on Jun 6, 2013 at 11:18 AM
If you want cold blooded murderous run gun, you got it! 5 stars from meeaaarrrggghhhh... insanity never ends even when turned off you will wake in screams of terror from ones you slayed... kinda... lol