Auto Redux - Mini Smash Racer

Strap down and get ready for the Tiny Race of your Life! Just Tilt your device to Steer Left and Right, avoiding High Speed Crashes with your Opponents!

Race on the Road as you do on the Tracks, Roaring Motors will make your Heart pump! Real Reckless Cars from your Pocket, Racing on a Speedway!
Not your average Car Chase Game! This car chase game plays great on tablets and phones alike. Awesome 3D graphics will make you play over and over again, the soundtrack will make your heart pump and the adrenaline rush!

Race as far as you can and defy your friends in a nail biting car chase! Make them eat dust! ;)
If you like car racing games, boat racing games or running games then you're going to love Red Speed Racer 3D Car Chase.

- Fantastic 3D Graphics
- Tilt Steering Super Intuitive Controls
- Awesome Soundtrack
- Powerful 3D Engine for Flowing Movement
-AND did we mention CAR CHASE ;)



賽遠,你可以在咬指甲汽車追逐和藐視你的朋友!讓他們吃灰! ;)

- 神奇的三維圖形
- 傾斜轉向超直觀的控制
- 真棒原聲
- 強大的3D引擎流動運動