Lep's World 3

Jump and run with Lep in this award-winning platformer through 120 exciting levels. More than 75 million players to date can't be wrong.

5/5 “This game is simply phenomenal!”

5/5 “If you're looking for a cool jump and run that will mesmerize you for weeks, Lep's World 3 is your best choice.”

It's a beautiful sunny day in Leprechaun Village. Lep and his friends are enjoying the sun. But suddenly dark clouds approach and lightning illuminates the sky. Evil trolls appear, who steal the elves' gold and kidnap all the villagers. Lep is the only one who escapes.

Now it is Lep's task alone to save his friends and family. Help him defeat the nasty trolls. Jump and run through Lep's World 3 and enjoy yourself on 5 terrific, wonderfully designed worlds with 120 levels.

Lep’s World 3 stands out with:

• Wonderful high-resolution graphics

• Easy, intuitive controls

• 120 levels

• 18 items and abilities 

• 22 cunning opponents 

• 5 challenging final enemies 

• 4 different characters

• Rankings for you and your friends

• Multi-player on Facebook

To all Lep’s World 3 players: We wish you lots of fun playing!

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Recent changes:

在這款華麗的平臺遊戲上,操縱主人公雷普一路跑跳來穿越 120 個精彩刺激的關卡。迄今為止的玩家數已超過 750 萬,您還猶豫什麽呢。

5/5 一款絕對現象級的遊戲!

5/5 如果您正打算入手一款跑酷類遊戲,能讓您數週內都欲罷不能,Lep's World 3 將是您的不二之選。


現在雷普必須孤軍奮戰來救出他的朋友和家人。請幫助雷普打敗可惡的巫師們。在 Lep's World 3 中盡情地奔跑跳躍、橫跨 5 個世界,挑戰 120 個緊張刺激、設計精良的關卡。

Lep’s World 3 的遊戲特色:

• 精美細緻的畫面

• 簡單直觀的控制

• 120 個關卡

• 18 種道具和技能

• 22 個狡猾的敵人

• 5 個極難對付的敵酋

• 4 個不同的角色

• 可供您和朋友競賽的排行榜

• Facebook 上具有多人模式

致 Lep’s World 3 的所有玩家:希望這款遊戲能給你們帶來無窮樂趣!

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