Mechs vs Aliens

Transform into a giant mech of destruction and battle deadly extraterrestrial kaiju monsters to save our planet! Play this FREE turn-based fighting game in which you take control of elite war robots to defend the Earth from alien invaders.

Under attack by alien monsters! All the world’s nations are united in the Planetary Council to defend the world against enormous alien aggressors. Countries including the USA, UK, South Korea, Russia, Germany, China, Japan, France, and Brazil join forces as they deploy the last hope of planet Earth: high-powered giant machines of destruction converted into the ultimate defenders. Will the alliance of nations and the might of their mechs prevail against the extraterrestrial threat? Play solo or against friends!

Stunning, immersive 3D visuals show you every detail of the titanic clash between mecha and alien kaiju in this uniquely action-packed turn-based fighting game. Outwit, outplay, and outsmart your opponents using turn-based fighting mechanics. Whip out a variety of punishing moves to pulverize your opponents. Protect the world from the alien threat in Story mode or test your skills through the challenging Arcade and Survival modes!

Get ready to pummel your enemies to bits: play Mechs vs Aliens now, FREE!

- Unique turn-based battle system
- Charge up your mech's super meter and unleash a powerful finishing move
- 9 ultra-powered Mechs representing 9 nations: USA, UK, South Korea, Russia, Germany, China, Japan, France and Brazil
- 8 battlegrounds to unlock, including Moscow, London, New York, Seoul, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo!
- High quality 3D graphics using dynamic animations and cameras
- A Story Mode with 16 thrilling stages
- Test your mettle in Survival Mode and Arcade Mode
- Coming Soon: Local Multiplayer: Compete with other players via Bluetooth!

** Please note that this free app contains optional paid content for users who wish to enhance the gaming experience. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings. **



這個遊戲具有身歷其境的 3D 視覺效果,是一個動感十足的回合制戰鬥遊戲。在獨特的回合戰鬥機制中,以智力和實力戰勝你的對手。使出各種懲處招式來摧毀你的對手。升級你最愛的機甲並購買物品來幫助你打爆你的敵人!立刻下載「機甲大戰外星人」,「完全免費」!


- 獨特的回合制戰鬥系統
- 充足機甲的蓄力槽,釋放強大的終結技
- 解鎖 9 個分別代表美國、英國、南韓、俄國、德國、中國、日本、法國和巴西等 9 個國家的究極威力機甲!
- 8 種戰鬥場地可供解鎖,包括莫斯科、倫敦、紐約、首爾、巴黎、上海、東京!
- 含動態視覺動畫的高品質 3D 圖像
- 一個故事模式中有 16 個刺激關卡
- 在生存模式和街機模式中考驗你的能耐
- 區域性多人遊戲:透過藍牙與其他玩家對戰!

- 請注意使用時間,避免沉迷於遊戲;
- 請注意,以下虛擬遊戲幣(可兌換虛擬寶物)需以付費方式購買:
3,600 夥礦石 NT$60
13,500 夥礦石 NT$120
30,000 夥礦石 NT$240
90,000 夥礦石 NT$450
360,000 夥礦石 NT$890