Rift Hunter (Closed Beta)

【This version is only for Closed Beta. After Closed Beta, all player data will be deleted.】

- Classic beat’ em up ARPG, perfectly duplicates the DFO (Dungeon Fighter Online) style!
- Unlimited combo, gorgeous spells, enjoyable slaughtering!
- 4 unique classes, with advanced skills!
- Play with your friends, venture out in random dungeons!

【Game Introduction】
Do you remember the days of playing Golden Axe, Final Fight, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and Street Fighter? How could we combine them together? Rift Hunter is a side-scrolling arcade brawler that brings you back to the 1990s! It’s already super-popular in the App Store! Leading the MMORPG of the next generation, Rift Hunter grants the sensation of striking no less than DFO/DNF. Unlimited combo, spell of instant killing, and full screen assault provide players with unprecedented experience! You will enjoy 4 unique classes, ventures in multiple dungeons and optimized network communication. Check out the fair arena and the best fighting style in 2013. You cannot miss it!

【Game Features】
- HD fantasy images depict fights in every detail!
- Spectacular slaughtering experience with smooth controls!
- Unique classes and a wide variety of skills!
- Over 200 dungeons, mind-blowing trophies after killing the boss!
- Fair arena! Everyone is born to be equal!
- Reasonable lottery, daily reward to every player!
- Optimized network communication! No more dropping off!
- Advanced skills tree, vivid character customization!
- 100% fortify success rate! Forge elite gear and enhance your powers instantly!
- No network issues, only the most stable gaming experience!

【Game Reviews】
“It’s the Dragon's Crown on my mobile! It’s cross platform too, so I can play with any of my friends online. ”
“Rift Hunter has four optional classes! Every time I play for a different character the game is totally different! It’s the best brawler game I have ever played! ”
“Best slaughtering effect ever, so close to reality! Various dungeon quests make the game so exciting! I enjoyed it a lot.”
“Perfect action design with smooth controls. I can’t stop playing it.”
“The game is so stable! I usually get so frustrated when I get cut off! But definitely not with this game! I also enjoyed the variety of skills presented! This game never gets old!”
“Dead or Alive? I like the fair PvP system, reminds me of Mortal Kombat and TEKKEN!”
“Its action is smooth. I like that the game is so flexible, I can develop my own fighting style! The skills are sooooooo cool!”

NOTE: A network connection is required to play.

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