King of Opera - Party Game!

The best party game on Android for 1-4 players!
Are you ready to party with friends?

1. Control a wacky looking tenor.
2. Knock other tenors off the stage.
3. Fight for your fame in 5 game modes!
4. Avoid the bull tenor to become King of Opera!
5. REPEAT – suitable for all ages, young and old!

Tabletop game tailored for tablets and phones.

Guaranteed fun with friends and family.

Recent changes:
Who wants to party!?

Introducing DAILY FREE game mode!

- Monday: Original
- Tuesday: Phantom
- Wednesday: Royal Rumble
- Thursday: Powerups
- Friday: Last Man Standing
- Saturday and Sunday: Fat Lady Weekend!

Instant unlock all game modes, or play free for a week to check 'em out!

Keep playing free - shorter commercial breaks with different types of ads.

Please give feedback, update your review and rating. Thank you!

Next up - performance optimizations, device specific issues (hard).

1. 控制一個形象滑稽的男高音。
2. 讓其他男高音下臺。
3. 在5種遊戲模式中為您的名譽而戰!
4. 避開強大的男高音成為歌劇之王!
5. 重奏一下 – 無論您是年輕還是年長,每個人都可以玩!