Giant Boulder of Death

**UPDATED with new content **

When a boulder holds a grudge, no one survives. Bowl your way down the mountain and destroy everything in your path. Crush villages, cars, yetis, golden cows, crush everything! From the creators of Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and Monsters Ate My Condo !

Check out the AMAZING new premium Heavy Metal theme!
• Meet our biggest, baddest avatar yet - Metal Boulder!
• Screamalicious new Heavy Yodel music!
• Dozens of brand new crazy props rock this world!
• Apocalyptic! Desolation! Meteors! Lava! Glam Yetis! Demons!
• 50+ smashtastic new goals to complete!
• The most upgradeable avatar yet - max them all to Lv7!
• SUMMON your avatar of choice: The Original Boulder, Happy Holiboulder, Jack O'Boulder or Ms. Boulder
• STEAM through new goal trees specific to each boulder
• ANNIHILATE brand new objects in each theme
• CONQUER Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards!
• CRUSH legions of outrageous mortals, beasts and buildings
• SMASH through over 250 nail-biting goals to unlock over 100 destructible objects
• OBLITERATE your high score with boosts and upgrades
• DOMINATE your friends via Facebook. Connect and SMASH through their avatars!

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當一塊巨石懷有怨恨,無人可倖免。一路衝下山坡,摧毀阻擋你的一切事物!將村莊、汽車、野人、金牛等統統摧毀!由Robot Unicorn Attack 2 和Monsters Ate My Condo 的始創團隊開發!

• 認識我們目前為止最大及最壞的化身- 金屬巨石!
• 令人驚叫的新重型岳得爾音樂!
• 數十項全新瘋狂搖滾世界的道具!
• 毀滅性的!絕望!流星!熔岩!華麗的雪人!惡魔!
• 可完成的 50+ 異想天開的新目標!
• 目前為止最多升級級數的化身- 將他們全升級至7級!
• 選擇您的角色:原裝巨石、快樂假期巨石、巨石傑克或巨石小姐
• 佔領不同巨石的全新目標杆
• 在每個主題中消滅全新物件
• 征服 Google Play 成就和排行榜!
• “消滅”大批蠻橫的人類、野獸和建築物
• 達成超過250 個難度超高的目標,並解鎖超過100 個可摧毀物件
• 通過強化和升級,“實現”更高的最高分
• 通過 Facebook 在好友中稱霸。鏈接並超越他們!