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SlotWiz是一個拉斯維加斯風格的免費博彩遊戲。玩家通過spin按鈕來獲得獎勵,每次spin需要消耗一定得金幣數,每局消費的金幣數可以自由選擇,消費的金幣數越大,如果獲得獎勵的數目也會越多。遊戲同時提供各種機會來獲得金幣,比如沒5分鐘40金幣獎勵,遇到3個scatter時小遊戲的金幣獎勵等。同時在玩的過程中,你會收穫不同的驚喜,比如金幣贏取超過一定數目,屏幕中會出現big win來激勵你等。


- 驚人的圖形和聲音效果
- 10好玩的老虎機有新的角子機經常加入
- 在Facebook上與朋友分享
- 參加比賽賺取大獎
- 免費領取獎金每五分鐘
- 免費紅利遊戲提供各種驚喜

SlotWiz bring the latest in Vegas style slot machines to users worldwide for free. Featuring fun themed slot machines with stunning graphics and sound effects, SlotWiz offers the best high payout slot game with large numbers of bonus games and free spins. Win big and become a high roller VIP in SlotWiz. Have a lot fun winning prizes and playing with friends.

SlotWiz invites you to joy through a huge variety of slot machines! While enjoy big payout and free bonus games
- Big Top Fun at the circus
- Spooky Cash with scary characters
- Deep sea adventure with Mermaids and Neptune
- Pirate joy and fun in Skull Bay
- Carnival at the Mardi Gras
- Relaxing time at the Billards Table
- Get lucky at the casino floor
- Wild ride in the old West
- Close encounter with winged creatures in the magic forest
- Space travel with Alien monsters
- And more...

Game features
- stunning graphics and sound effects
- 10 fun slot machines with new slot machines added frequently
- share with friends on facebook
- participate in contests to earn big prizes
- collect free bonus every five minutes
- bonus free games to keep you surprised and paid

SlotWiz is for entertainment purpose only. SlotWiz does not manipulate contest game results.
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