iFunFace - 說到照片

Create stunning and hilarious animations of you, your friends or pets from any photo!

iFunFace lets you create amusing videos of yourself and others by simply using a photo and creating an audio recording. Our unique speech analysis technology automatically creates the animation for you. No special skills required.
Go viral! Bring your own story to life! You and your friends can become the stars of the show!

1. Take a new photo or select one from your existing albums
2. Identify the face and mouth of one or multiple characters
3. R​​ecord your comedic bit and select a voice filter
4. Share your creation and spread the laughter

Add accessories (hats, glasses, mustaches, etc.) to any of the characters to enhance the hilarity of your iFunFace creations.
Create complex conversations with up to four characters that can interact with each other.
Easily share your videos straight from iFunFace with friends and family via email, Facebook, or simply save it to your camera roll for later enjoyment.

iFunFace works with any person or subject: Friends, family, babies, pets, cartoons, and even you! If it's got a face, it can be brought to life!



★★★ IFUNFACE工作方式 ★★★
1. 拍一張新照片或從現有相簿中選擇一張
2. 可識別一人或多人面部和嘴巴
3. 錄音並選擇聲音過濾器
4. 分享製作、分享快樂


iFunFace可處理任何人及對象: 朋友、家人、寶寶、寵物、卡通,還有你自己!只要有張臉,就可以製作

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