OREO: Twist, Lick, Dunk 奥利奥

Twist, Lick and Dunk your favorite OREO cookies into a refreshing glass of milk for the ultimate OREO moment!

• Twist, Lick and Dunk your favorite OREO cookies
• Discover 24 OREO cookie varieties with more coming soon
• Quick, fun, pick-up-and-play game for the whole family
• Twist and lick as many cookies as possible as they fly through the air
• Dunk cookies into your glass of milk to create the ultimate splash
• Compete with your friends online with Facebook leader boards
• Fill out your OREO Guidebook and increase your scores with special bonuses

Recent changes:
New in Latest Version:

• Improved performance!
• French Translations
• Occasional crash in boosts screen fixed.

New in recent versions
• Five new Power-ups add cool effects and big scores to the game
• The Mini OREO is here! Get waves up to 10 Mini OREO cookies!
• New cookies! Golden OREO, Heads or Tails OREO, Spring cookies and more....
• Galaxy S3 support
• New Football OREO cookie



• 揉搓,舔嘗和浸蘸你喜愛的OREO(奧利奧)點心
• 選擇神奇的倍增器,你所收集的點心可以為其帶來魔力!
• 發現25種各式OREO(奧利奧)點心,不久還會有更多
• 適宜全家的快捷,開心,即選即玩​​遊戲
• 當點心在空中飛舞時,盡量多的揉搓和舔嘗它們
• 把點心蘸到鮮奶中以創造頂級的水花飛濺
• 與你的好友們在Facebook 的排行榜上在線爭鋒
• 填寫你的OREO(奧利奧)指南可以獲得特別獎勵來增加你的得分

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