Scan The Box

Scan The Box, is a brand new and exciting puzzle game with an amazing feature the will challenge users by using a laser colored scan line that destroys boxes to clear levels.

Simple to play you just tap the boxes and slide colors together in rows of matching boxes and wait the scan line to pass by then remove them. You can gather the boxes together in groups or combos and earn maximum point to clear the levels. Upload the score to Leaderboard to compare with your friends!

--2 awesome game modes: Classic Mode and Survival Mode!
--5 incredible power up Skills: like explosions, painting, transforming and others to help you win more stars!
--8 fabulous Bonus items: bomb, lighting, time saver that will lead you to the high score!
--Need help? Go to shop and buy items that will help you earn more points!
--45 game levels and 9 puzzles. Each level has a 3 star-evaluations, do your best to get all of them so they can help power up your equipment!
--Universal app works on your Android Phone and tablet!


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