Age Of Wind 3

Sail the seven seas, define your route and choose your enemies wisely.
Increase your fleet and control up to 3 ships, raid cities and merchant fleets, but beware - your Facebook friends can attack you and steal your gold - be smart and attack them first :)

This open world Pirate game allows you to set your own goals:
- Choose which exciting quest you want to play.
- Free roam around the Caribbean collecting treasures and winning battles.
- Loot gold from fellow Facebook users and revenge those who stole from you.

Discover a brave new world with 『White Jack' and the ever loyal first mate Orlando as they take on the world.
Build and command your own fleet of pirate ships and use it to conquer land and sea. Battle against other Facebook users or choose from hundreds of quests and battles.

Live the ruthless true life of a pirate captain: roam around more than 35 different tropical islands, trade exotic goods and use them to create unique devastating and super cool weapons.
If you're a little tired, you can always rest in the tavern and have a cup of rum while you play a game of dice.

To master this game you'll need to develop your own strategy and outsmart the deadly villains of age of wind 3.

擴大你的艦隊規模,控制3艘船以及更多的突襲城市和商船,但是要注意 - 你Facebook上的朋友會襲擊你並偷走你的金子 - 聰明一點,先發制人:)
- 選擇你想玩的刺激的尋寶之旅。
- 在加勒比海一帶航行,收集珍寶,贏得戰鬥的勝利。
- 從Facebook用戶那裡奪取金子,並向從你那裡盜取金子的人報酬。
當『White Jack白色的傑克』和忠誠的夥伴奧蘭多接管了這個世界時,和他們一道去發現一個全新的世界。
要成為此遊戲的熟練玩家,你將需要完善自己的策略,在智慧上勝過age of wind 3的那些很厲害的惡棍。