Candy Blast Mania 糖果繽紛樂狂歡

Match and collect candies in this amazingly delicious puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

A new flavor of Match-3 game from the makers of hit apps Jewel Mania™ and Bubble Mania™! Match candies to collect them, and sweeten the value of neighboring candies. Easy to learn but challenging to master!

The Gummy Bear King and his candied cronies are looking to spoil the Candy Kingdom. Will you and your friends stop the gummied grouch before it’s too late?

- PLAY through over 240 levels of candy collecting craziness! Stock up on Lemon Drops, Jelly Beans and gummies that look good enough to eat!
- FIND big matches to create Sweet Spots for explosive combos and big bonuses!
- BATTLE the tyrannical Gummy Bear King in the exciting Battle Mode. Stun the evil King with big matches before he Gloops up your candies!
- EARN Boosts like the Candy Wand or Candy Scoop, which clear obstacles and recharge for FREE!
- JOURNEY through a whole new world of fantastic flavors, including Cake Canyon, the Forest of Fudge, and more!
- FREE to play with FREE updates including new levels, obstacles, candies, and more every week!

Candy Blast Mania is the BEST puzzle adventure game on mobile. And just like the other best things in life, it’s FREE!

Please note that Candy Blast Mania is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To disable this feature, go to the Google Play app on your device, tap the Menu button, select Settings > Use password to restrict purchases. Then follow the directions to complete setup. In addition, Candy Blast Mania may link to social media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 will have access to your information through such services.

TeamLava, a Storm8 studio, is the #1 Mobile Social Game Developer on Android.

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Note: READ_PHONE_STATE permission is used to help us remember your puzzle progress

Recent changes:
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- 240 多關瘋狂收集糖果之旅!屯點檸檬硬糖、果凍豆和看上去好吃的軟糖!
- 尋找大配對,觸發甜蜜點,獲得爆炸連擊和巨額獎勵!
- 在熱火朝天的戰斗模式中和小熊軟糖國王對抗。在他粘住你的糖果前湊成大配對讓其目瞪口呆!
- 獲得糖果魔杖或糖果勺等強化,掃清障礙,免費充滿能量!
- 美妙新世界之旅:蛋糕峽谷,軟糖森林及其他!
- 免費更新,包括每周新關卡、難題、糖果及其他!

糖果繽紛樂狂歡 是您 Android 上最華麗的謎題冒險類游戲!好東西往往是免費的!

請注意:糖果繽紛樂狂歡是一款免費遊戲,您還可用真實貨幣購買遊戲內物品。要取消這項功能,在設備上前往Google Play 應用,點擊菜單按鈕,選擇設置> 使用密碼限制購物,然後遵照說明完成設置。此外,糖果繽紛樂狂歡或與Facebook 等社交媒體相關聯,Storm8 會通過這些服務獲取您的信息。

TeamLava 是Storm8 旗下工作室,也是Android平台上排名第一的移動社交遊戲開發商。

本應用程序之使用皆受TeamLava 服務條款規範。個人資料的收集和使用皆遵守TeamLava 隱私權政策。您可以在 和 上查閱上述服務條款和政策。