The Year is Cyberpunk.
Vast Cyberspace networks are ruled by malevolent mega CyberCorporations.
Humanity's only hope is a team of CyberHackers, a scrappy crew of anti-establishment net running punks.
Nobody else is deft enough to navigate the megacorp's killer ICE: CyberViruses that can kill you meatspace dead.
Can you hack it in the Cybernet, or will you get your brain CyberFried?

Navigate your Cybergon through each stage, collecting blue glowing INTEL along the way. Jack in with simple, fluid controls, but watch out for the ICE: one hit and it's CyberDeath!

- Tight, precise CyberControls. Touch the left side of the screen to turn left, the right side of the screen to turn right.
- High-quality Cyber3D graphics. It's like regular 3D graphics but this time in Cyberspace!
- Leaderboards and social sharing for maximum CyberBraggadocio!
- CyberFree!