Echo Notification Lockscreen

(ALPHA) Echo Lock Screen centers your notifications around you. Instead of browsing through dozens of unnecessary messages, Echo automatically filters your notifications and delivers the most important alerts straight to your lock screen.

★ Stay organized - Echo automatically groups your notifications to make them easier to scan. When you open your phone in the morning, your work, game, and social updates will be neatly separated.
★ Avoid interruptions - Echo learns from your behavior and identifies the notifications that are important to you. To help you avoid interruptions, Echo only wake your screen on a priority message.
★ Detailed view - Echo locker shows you more details on each notification. Unlike widgets like NiLs or DashClock, Echo lets you view and dismiss notifications individually.
★ Create reminders - You can receive notifications around your schedule by creating reminders. If you get a missed call alert from your mom when you’re at work, you can set a reminder to have the notification bounce back when you’re at home.

Echo will change your lock screen for the better. If you are looking to make heavy customizations to everything on your lock screen, this is not the app for you. But, if you wish to have easier access to your notifications and fewer interruptions throughout the day, you’ve found the right lockscreen. We hope you like it!
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We're early in development and would love to hear your feedback. For bugs and feature requests, please check our Google Plus page: You can also email Follow us on Twitter at

* Works with customized launchers like Go Launcher, Aviate, and
* Echo locker is very easy to install. It is not a widget like NiLs or DashClock. Echo requires no custom setup and replaces your entire lockscreen.
* To use Echo locker, you must give access to your notifications.
* Works best if you don't use a pin code for your lock screen.