Chronus: Home & Lock Widget

Welcome to Chronus, an elegant Home & Lock screen Clock, Weather, News feed and Calendar widget - now with DashClock Extensions support!

Functionally similar to its older brother the CyanogenMod cLock widget and brought to you by the same developers, this independently released, stand-alone widget brings the same elegant look and feel, enhanced with many new features and improvements, to the broader Android community.

As a flexible "Information" widget, Chronus is highly optimized in terms of CPU and data usage with the potential of replacing several other info widgets. Multiple Chronus widgets on the same device share the same back-end services and updates are batched. This makes the system use less battery while still providing the user with rich information. You can choose to use one or all of the features, those not used are completely disabled, using no CPU, data or battery.

Please note:
1) Details on the Permissions we use are available at
2) If you use the Xposed framework to bypass Android Widget API's, things will break!

Features (All versions):
- Fully functional Flex, Flex (Analog), Clock+, Clock+ (Dash), Dash and Weather Widgets
- Highly customizable look and feel
- Weather panel with Yahoo!, OpenWeatherMap and weather providers
- Minimized weather widget support (for the lock screen)
- News Feed panel and built-in RSS sources and Internal Article Reader
- Calendar panel showing a scrollable list of upcoming events
- Highlight upcoming calendar events with custom colors and font bolding
- Backup and restore widget settings
- Add any two (2) DashClock Extensions in the Flex and 'Dash' widgets
- Built-in Gmail, Missed Calls, Calendar and Text Messages extensions

Features (Pro version, available via in-app purchase): - Video @
- Additional Widgets (Forecast, Calendar, Clock+ (Forecast))
- Custom Tap actions for Clock, Weather and Calendar to launch apps or activities
- Change Clock and Weather panel alignment
- Change Analog clock style
- Month view Calendar style
- Calendar and Event colors
- Set Widget backgrounds
- Additional News providers (Feedly, Facebook)
- Daydream screensaver
- Status Bar Weather notifications
- Add unlimited DashClock Extensions

歡迎使用 Chronus,這是一套優雅的主畫面與鎖定畫面時鐘、天氣、新聞資訊來源與行事曆的小工具,現在還支援 DashClock 擴充套件!

功能上與其兄弟軟體 CyanogenMod cLock 小工具類似,本軟體也是由相同的開發者所作,但獨立發行。這些小工具帶來一樣的優雅外觀與體驗,當中還為更廣大的 Android 社群包含了許多新功能與改善。

作為一套「靈活」的小工具,Chronus 已將 CPU 與行動網路的用量降到最低,並讓您也可以換掉其他的資訊小工具。 同一台裝置中的不同 Chronus 小工具會共用同一套後端服務,並批次進行更新。 這樣就可以更節省電力,但還是能夠提供使用者豐富的資訊。 您可以選擇只使用當中的一部分,或所有功能。沒有用到的功能會被完全停用,不占 CPU 更不耗電。

1) 本軟體所需權限的詳細資訊位於:
2) 若您使用 Xposed 框架來略過 Android 的 Widget API,有些功能會壞掉!

- 全功能的 Flex、Flex (Analog)、Clock+、Clock+ (Dash)、Dash 及天氣小工具
- 可高度自訂的外觀和感覺
- 天氣面板與 Yahoo!、OpenWeatherMap 及 等天氣資訊提供者
- 可將天氣小工具調到最小(供鎖定畫面使用)
- 新聞資訊來源面板及內建 RSS 來源與文章閱讀器
- 顯示未來事件的可捲動式行事曆面板
- 可透過自訂色彩與粗體字來強調行事曆未來活動
- 備份與還原小工具選項
- 在 Flex 與「Dash」小工具中新增任兩個 DashClock 擴充套件
- 內建 Gmail、未接來電、行事曆及簡訊擴充套件

Pro 收費版功能(可於應用程式內購買):影片 @
- 更多小工具(天氣預報、行事曆、Clock+(預報))
- 自訂點擊時鐘、天氣與行事曆時的行為,執行應用程式或活動
- 調整時鐘與天氣的對齊方向
- 調整類比時鐘樣式
- 月曆樣式
- 行事曆與活動色彩
- 設定小工具背景
- 更多的新聞來源提供者(Feedly、Facebook)
- 白日夢螢幕保護程式
- 狀態列的天氣通知
- 無限新增 DashClock 擴充套件