Best Unit Converter

One stop kiosk for all your favorite conversions

You will be needing lots of unit conventions most of the time in your day to day life. Assume you want to know immediately, how many yards are there in one kilometer? If you don’t know the answer, you don’t have to spend time referring to tables or searching the internet. Just let “Best Unit Converter” help you with it. Best Unit Converter is the simplest and most user friendly unit convertor you can get on your iPad.

Why you MUST have Best Unit Converter on your iPad
►Simplified, colourful, easy to use user interface
►Designed EXCLUSIVELY for your iPad.
►Includes the most important and trickiest conversion types you always wanted.
►Drag and drop conversions to your favourites panel and have quick access to them.
►Audible Responses are provided for improved usability and more engaging user experience..
►Choose your most desired conversions from the Customizable Stack.
►Copy and Paste features are available for conversion results.

Simple and friendly unit converter with a clean user interface

Best Unit Converter is a unique app for any individual to do their conversions simply and effectively. It includes a favorites list for easy access to commonly used conversions and a Quick List View for an “at-a-glance” view of all conversions.

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