LEGO® FUSION Create & Race

Introducing LEGO® FUSION Create & Race – a fun and creative way of combining real LEGO® brick building with your smartphone or tablet! Your game. Your way.
Get behind the wheel of virtual cars that YOU build with real LEGO bricks and race them on your smartphone or tablet! Compete on racetracks, stunt courses and in demolition challenges to dominate the leaderboard! Tune up your designs in the LEGO garage before each epic race for glory where every brick matters!
The LEGO FUSION Create & Race app is designed to work with LEGO FUSION Create & Race building set (21206).
• Design your own cars with the digital building tool and see how every brick changes the stats!
• Use real LEGO bricks from your LEGO FUSION Create & Race building set to build your car design and virtually race your car.
• Drive your LEGO car creations against crazy competitors in races, stunts and demolition challenges.
• Tune up your stats to get on the leaderboard
• Tweak your designs in the LEGO garage
• Build racecars, monster trucks and more with endless customization for maximum impact!
LEGO FUSION Create & Race building set (21206) contains 223 LEGO pieces including the LEGO FUSION plate, and a 『Get started guide'. Available only in the U.S. at LEGO stores,, Toys「R」Us and
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