Noyze Volume Panel

The customizable volume panel replacement for Android (Jelly Bean 4.3+)


noyze is a free app that gives you complete control over your device's volume buttons. It is the only volume panel that does not require root, a custom ROM, or XPosed! Just activate noyze in Accessibility and enjoy! It comes preloaded with tons of settings, including master volume (sync all volumes), long press actions (next/ previous track or launch a shortcut), themes, and much more.
If you've got a device with broken or jammed volume buttons, noyze allows you to disable them. Once again you can listen to music and get notifications.

Device support: Noyze requires a feature introduced in Android 4.3 and cannot support Android 4.2 or older
A note regarding Accessibility: this is necessary to override the volume buttons. Noyze uses this feature for that purpose only, and does not collect, share, or store ANY information, period.


· Status Bar
· Heads Up
· Windows Phone 8
· Paranoid Android
· Blackberry
· Apple iOS/ iPhone
· Volume Bar
· Extended Controls
· Invisible


“No root required. This is awesome!” - Unlifer of Reddit
“I just installed it today and it is already in my 'must have' apps list.” - hiddenstreet of Reddit
“This is so freaking awesome.” - pizzatybg of Reddit
“Hands down the most convenient app I've downloaded in awhile.” - Davin Laurell
“How has this not been done before?” - Axel Samuelsson


- Change audio settings: control volume/ ringer mode
- Draw over apps: emulate the volume panel
- Google Play billing: offer in-app purchases
- Retrieve running apps: monitor system events to mimic volume panel
- Phone status and identity: monitor when a phone call is active
- Disable lock screen: launch activities (e.g. sound settings) from lock screen


Unfortunately, Android has several limitations that affect noyze:

- Apps can't interact with the power button, so noyze may interfere with taking screenshots (see Advanced settings for a workaround).
- Apps cannot override the behavior of buttons with the screen off, so long press actions only work while the screen is on.
- Apps cannot set the volume for headphones above the "safe limit."

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Supported languages: English, Russian, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Norwegian, Polish
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noyze is developed with love by Tom Barrasso ( Your feedback is very important. If you appreciate noyze, please leave a comment on the Play Store, share it with friends, and, if possible, please consider going pro.

If you are experiencing issues, please contact me and I'll do my best to fix the them.

Thank you, now let's make some noyze!