Bamboo Paper memo

Do more with your ideas – sketch or write them in an authentic paper-like digital notebook. Enjoy realistic inking and a fluid interface to make quick notes, sketches or drawings.

Best inking
Feel in control of what you write or sketch with our responsive and fast inking that follows the movement of your hand.

Quick browsing
Finding your notes is as easy as flipping through the pages of your notebook.

Bamboo Stylus
This app works best when paired with the Bamboo Stylus from Wacom. Find out which Stylus is best for you by visiting

讓您的想法發揮到淋漓盡致 – 在像真紙一樣的數位筆記本上畫草圖或書寫。體驗逼真的墨跡和流暢的介面,讓做筆記、速寫或繪圖變得更加快速。



Bamboo Stylus
搭配Wacom的Bamboo Stylus觸控筆即可發揮最佳效能。請造訪網站,瞭解最適合您的一款數位筆。

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