Blitz Brigade -Online FPS fun!

You ready for multiplayer action? Axis or Allies, victory or defeat, mayo or mustard… All will be decided in the ultimate FPS showdown, Blitz Brigade!
Become one of five highly skilled and totally badass classes and team up with other players to pound your enemies into the dirt and call them mean names.
Finally, a true class-based multiplayer FPS game comes to Android!

★★★★★Lock 'n' load for team-based FPS action!★★★★★

✓Up to 12 players can battle online in multiplayer games
✓5 classes: Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper, Stealth
✓Control the battlefield in Domination mode
✓Frag everyone from the opposing army in Deathmatch games
✓Use 3 different vehicles for a tactical advantage in battle
✓Fight with over 100 weapons, each made for a specific class
✓Unique taunts and kill phrases for each character in the game
✓Voice Chat to create your game plan in the heat of the action

✓Complete 120 unique action-packed missions
✓Learn to master each class's specialized battle skills
✓Pilot a Helicopter and rain death from above
✓Hop into a Tank to steamroll the enemy army

★★★★★War games just got a whole lot crazier! ★★★★★

For fans of free online action games, class-based multiplayer shooters, first-person shooters, army/war games, or anyone who enjoys a good online fight.
Enter the battlefield, get ready for the war, and enjoy hours of fun!

Minimum hardware requirements to play Blitz Brigade:
- 1 Ghz CPU
- 512 Mb RAM
- PowerVR SGX540 GPU or equivalent
- 1.4 GB of available memory

For optimal performance, we recommend restarting your device and closing other applications before playing Blitz Brigade.
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Terms of use :

Recent changes:
Get ready to live in the moment with the next Blitz Brigade update!

We are bringing in daily events to reward you for your hard work on the battleground.

Get extra rewards by crushing other players in the leaderboards! The best will get exclusive items!

More weapons can now be found in the crates.

We've beefed up the Stealth and the Gunner! More HP for the first and more speed for the second. We've also nerfed the Bad Juju.

準備好參加多人的動作FPS戰爭遊戲嗎?軸心國或同盟國、、勝利或失敗、美奶滋或芥末醬…一切都將在終極FPS第一身射擊遊戲 Blitz Brigade 的決戰中一決勝負!
終於有一款真正角色型FPS第一身射擊多人遊戲登上 Android 平台!


✓在多人遊戲中最多可有 12 位玩家參與線上戰鬥
✓5 種士兵角色 戰士、槍手、醫療兵、狙擊手、情報員
✓運用 3 種不同車輛在戰鬥中取得戰術優勢
✓使用 100 種以上的武器進行戰鬥,每種武器皆為特定階級角色而設計

✓完成 120 種獨特且動感十足的任務



玩 Blitz Brigade 的最低硬體需求:
- 1 GHz CPU
- 512 MB RAM
- PowerVR SGX540 GPU 或同級配備
- 1.4 GB 的可用記憶體