Sok and Sao's Adventure

Run and shoot giant and tiny bugs like never before. Big battle with the different giant bosses. Experience Asian view in game, from Cambodia, Angkor Temple to The Amazon rainforest, Brazil.. These countries are currently infected by dengue fever. Your mission with Sok and Sao is to save our world from Dengue Fever by destroy Aedes mosquitoes, the primarily transmitter of Dengue virus. Together we need to raise awareness. Play it and share where you have reached, by capture and share your screenshot of the game.

Game features:
- Run, jump, shield and Shoot in 2D view.
- Collect Coins to upgrade Hero, Life, Gun and Grenade
- 4 Game World
- 7 different powerful guns
- 6 Different bullets (Water, Fire, Crystal, Poison, Electro and missile)
- 2 Hero to choose
- Grenade (bomb)
- Wonderful view of Asia
- Fun and Learn
- Cool and HD graphics
- Optimized to run on any resolutions
- Funny Characters and Funny Actions
- Complete Bonus Mission to Earn 3 Starts
- Eat Banana, Papaya and Cake to increase health
- Use your Coins to buy more live when needed

'** Don't forget to capture your funniest and greatest moment in game and share it on facebook with #SokSaoAdventure *** Like our page for any further updates :