Google My Maps (Google 我的地圖)

Create your own custom maps with Google My Maps to
* Plan a vacation
* Find an apartment
* Make a map of bird sightings in your area
Also work with your maps on the web at
To learn how to get started using the app, visit
For users who upgrade to My Maps Pro with Coordinate, you can share real-time location on the map and get jobs done with your teams.
NOTE: This is not the Google Maps for Mobile app. For navigation, searching for local places, etc. please check out the Google Maps for Mobile app.

使用 Google 我的地圖製作自訂地圖,讓您輕鬆就能…
* 規劃假期
* 找房子
* 製作附近區域的賞鳥地圖
注意:這不是 Google 地圖行動版應用程式。如要使用導航、搜尋本地商家和其他功能,請使用 Google 地圖行動版應用程式。

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