Smart AppLock (App Protector)

★ The Best and AppLock downloaded more than 20 Million ★
★ The Beginng of AppLock, Supporting 31 languages ★

Smart AppLock is an AppLocker or App Protector that will protect your installed applications using a password or pattern!(Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, Gallery, Camera, Gmail and any app you choose)

■ Main features
✔ Protects(Locks) installed Apps using password(PIN or Words), pattern, or gesture
✔ Detects and Takes a picture of the Intruder(after failed attempts to unlock) and send the captured picture to email!
✔ Support Fake Forced Close pop-up(instead of lock screen)
✔ Set individual passwords for each app(multiple passwords)
✔ Profile feature for each user 
✔ Decorate the lock screen(background and theme)
✔ Support a variable size pattern(1x1 ~ 18x18)
✔ Remote Lock Controll by SMS keyword
✔ Home Screen Locker

■ Other features
• Various locking method(PIN, Pattern, Passcode, Guesture)
• AppLock Hidden(Stealth) Mode
• Lock screen timeout and Lock screen rotation
• Lock incoming calls and outgoing calls
• Wi-Fi(or Bluetooth) whitelist to deactivate lock at whitelisted locations(Smart Lock)
• Set Lock Time to only activate lock at certain time
• Lock 3G, 4G data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more
• Uninstallation Prevention
• Backup and Restore
• and Lots of More features

Smart AppLock is the best app locker or app protector that will secure your smartphone and protect your privacy. AppLock also can lock your data such as pictures, SMS messages, and videos.

★★★ 超過 1000 萬下載數的最佳AppLock ★★★
Smart AppLock(App Protector)是一個以密碼或圖形鎖來保護您已安裝應用程式的鎖定或保護程式!
✔ 使用密碼(PIN 或文字),圖形或手勢來保護(鎖定)已安裝的應用程式
✔ 螢幕亮度鎖定和螢幕旋轉鎖定
✔ 鎖定來電和撥號去電
■ 主要功能
· 支援使用密碼(PIN 或文字),圖形或手勢來保護(鎖定)已安裝的應用程式
· 支援偽裝強制關閉彈出框
· 支援Wi-Fi 白名單以便於在指定地點時停用鎖定功能
· 支援設定在特定時間啟動鎖定功能
· 支援鎖定 3G 行動網路
· 您可以鎖定所有安裝的應用程序 - (臉譜,WhatsApp的,線,微博,圖庫,相機時,Gmail,Skype和您選擇的任何應用程序)
· 還有更多功能
■ Smart AppLock(App Protector) 是最佳的應用程式鎖或應用程式保護程式,它可以保障你的智慧手機與個人隱私。Smart AppLock(App Protector)鎖也可以鎖定您如相片,簡訊和影片等等的資料。