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* Easily find the artists you love and discover new recommendations on your music homepage

* Jam to a YouTube Mix, an infinite playlist of songs with unlimited skips

* Enjoy all the music you love from your favorite artists, along with concerts, remixes, parodies, covers, and one-of-a-kind collaborations you can only find on YouTube

Recent changes:
It’s easier than ever to find new music and rock out to old favorites on YouTube. Discover songs and artists on a music homepage made just for you. Listen to an endless YouTube Mix inspired by your favorite song or artist. Play albums fast - right from search.

Android 手機版和平板電腦版 YouTube 官方應用程式讓您掌握喜愛頻道的最新動態、欣賞全世界最豐富的音樂收藏,還能與好友輕鬆分享這些內容。無論是在家或出門在外,都能隨處觀看最新的影片和播放清單。
體驗您個人專屬的 YouTube
* 透過專為您推薦的內容,探索更多影片和頻道
* 將影片從手機投放到 Chromecast、已連結的其他電視裝置和遊戲主機上
* 利用播放清單可儲存、整理和分享您最愛的曲目
* 新的個人化音樂首頁可顯示您喜愛的歌曲
*「YouTube 合輯」讓您開啟可隨意切歌的無限播放清單
* 讓 YouTube 龐大的音樂目錄帶您探索世界各地的音樂

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