CM Launcher

Increase your startup speed by 100% and boost phone performance - from the same brilliant minds behind the #1 app Clean Master!

The safest launcher in the world!

SMALL - Just 1MB, CM Launcher dramatically improves your device while being the most lightweight launcher in the world, even beating out APUS, GO Launcher, Nova Launcher and more.

SLEEK - Accelerate your startup speed by 100%! Make your apps load quicker, search the net with speed, and make full use of the capabilities of your phone with no dead weight.

SECURE - Includes the world's #1 antivirus engine, which protects your personal info and app data, as well as blocking viruses and malware.

SMART - Automatically organizes your apps into intelligent folders based on your habits, and recommends the apps that are popular with people in your neighborhood.

STYLISH - Customize your unique wallpaper to fit your personal style!

大大增加你的手機啟動速度 100%,提升手機性能 - 由No. 1 清理大師團隊開發 !
輕量:只有 1 MB,CM Launcher 大大地提高您的設備的性能,卻只有超輕巧的體積,擊敗了APUS、 GO、 Nova Launcher 等安卓桌面管理APP。
極速:100 %全面加速 ! 讓您的APP更快啟動,搜尋快,將你的手機性能擴充發揮到極致。
安全:全球No.1 防毒引擎、 保護您的個人資訊和APP資料,防止病毒和惡意軟體入侵。
時尚有型:自訂您獨一無二的桌面,您的手機就用自己的風格 !

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