Tide Q+ -QR Code Generator

You can create your own style QR code with Tide Q+ easily.
Follow the steps as below:
Step 1: Enter your words.
Step 2: Draw your creative picture.
Step 3: Tide Q+ will combine the results of step 1 & 2 and create your personal QR code.

- This QR Code Generator can load any image or capture by camera.
- High-speed QR Code Generator for iOS, and easy to use interface.
- Using swipe navigation.
- Supports various decoding formats including:
Plain Text,
Website URL,
GEO -Location,
Contact details meCard,
Contact details vCard,
QR Code Scanner,
Event (iCalendar),
Facebook Profile,
Facebook Like,
Twitter Profile,
Twitter Tweet,
iTunes App URL,
Google search,
LinkedIn Profile URL,
YouTube Video URL.
- Share your custom-made codes over Facebook, Twitter, Email, MMS, Dropbox ..etc, or Save QR Code to your photo album.
- Print your QR Code over AirPrint.

Tide Q+ also support SVG vector image format.

IOS Download