Money Lover - 費用管理

A powerful tool to track your personal finance: incomes, expenses, debts, and savings.

Money Lover app is a finances and expenses manager for individuals. It allows you to track your expenses over time and manage your monthly or annual budget. So throughout the day, you could pull out Money Lover after making a purchase and log it into the app. At the end of the month, you could look back at your spending and tweak according to your budget.

★ Lollipop with Material Design update released. You will experience the newest tech with Money Lover, as well as changes

Key features:

★ Easy to add income and expense items quickly;
★ Detailed report of incomes, expenses, and savings by charts, stats, and calculated spending trends;
★ Cloud sync feature synchronizes your data across different platforms, which is perfect to manage finances with your partner
★ Budget helps you track your spendings under a limit and notifies you when a portion of the budget is filled.
★ Travel mode assists you to record the money you spent on your trip, you can see the overview of your trip's expense and adjust your spendings.
★ Backup and Restore data, with options to link to Dropbox;
★ Smart widget displays the balance and shortcut to add expenses
★ DashClock Extension

- Many languages supported: English, Vietnamese, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Slovak, Turkish, Thai and more to come.
- All types of currencies;

-The app has with options to add more income and expense categories and sub-categories;
Devoted to users and also contributed by users: multiple environments for user’s feedbacks, users icon contribution and user crowding translation for different languages

Clarification for Access Permissions:
- Network Communication (Internet Access) is for retrieving currency exchange rate and synchronizing backup data and/or common wallet.
- Social Information (Read Contact) is for suggesting “With” field; so that you remember the context of the transactions.
- Your Location is for identifying your location of the transaction.
- Storage (modify or delete contents on your USB storage) is for creating and storing backup data to the USB storage.
- Access to System tools is for adding Home screen shortcuts and widget.
If you choose to use the app on your device only, your transaction history is stored on your phone or your Dropbox space. We always pay attention and improve to secure the privacy of your data.

Money Lover 可以讓您透過一種簡單的方式來管理你的個人財務。這個應用程式可協助您管理您的預算並追蹤您的開支,記錄財務細節像是薪水、 獎金或銷售收入以及旅行、聚會等等的開支。Money Lover 就像是您的財務日曆,可以提醒您記錄交易明細和警示您的債務,您還可以添加各式各樣自訂類別的收入或支出分類。
-目前支援的語言有:英文、 越南文、 卡達隆尼亞文、 捷克文、 荷蘭文、 希臘文、 義大利文、 高棉文、 葡萄牙文、 俄羅斯文、 西班牙文、 瑞典文、 泰文、 土耳其文、繁體中文,不久的未來還會繼續增加更多的語言!
-支援超過 45 種的貨幣單位。
如果您想要使用桌面小工具部件,請不要把應用程式移動到 SD 卡!(受限於Android作業系統的限制)

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