Scorched - Combat Racing

Welcome to the Wasteland, stranger. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.
Fire up your engines and ready your rockets for Scorched, an apocalyptic racing game supercharged with lethal combat! Drift and boost through perilous tracks in a desolate world where salvage is the only thing worth a damn - and look out for bandits getting in your way. Prove that you’re the best salvage-hunter around, earn new contracts, and assemble the ultimate arsenal of deadly vehicles.
Why just leave your opponents in the dust, when you could turn them INTO dust?
Scorched features:
- Eye-popping stylized visuals bring the Wasteland to life
- Upgradeable weapons let you smash, burn and boost with massive force
- Collect and customize vehicles for the ultimate arsenal
- Race through 50 unique events and multiple game-modes
- Challenge friends and compete via Facebook
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