Darkness Reborn 暗黑復仇者2

Intense, bone-shattering strikes!
- High-end graphics resembling a blockbuster PC game!
- Feel the satisfaction! Destroy the Devil's army with immaculate action and effects.

An exclusive lineup of powerful classes!
- Warrior, a rock-hard physique with destructive skills
- Kunoichi, the ruthless assassin of darkness
- Mage, the mysterious sorceress with a dancing chakram
- Daemon Hunter, penetrating obstacles with his powerful and precise arrow storm

Unparalleled scale and impeccable real-time content!
Win the 3:3 PvP Arena and reach the top rank
- Monumental scale for mobile gaming! Conquer Boss Raids with clever team-play.
Rifts, dungeons for the party of 2 chosen elites

Fight the ultimate battle!
- Auto Battle System! Conquer the massive content at the speed of light.
- Customize your characters! Craft, Enhance, and Evolve to your heart's desire!
- 1,296 combinations of skills! Prepare for battle against the Devil's army.

The legendary action RPG with 25 million downloads worldwide. Experience a new era of action with Darkness Reborn!
*Darkness Reborn syncs your contacts for the in-game Add Friend feature.
Your info will be encrypted and used strictly for the Add Friend feature in Darkness Reborn only.

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征服全世界的最強RPG 暗黑復仇者回來了!《暗黑復仇者II》
• 激戰副本模式:將PC線上RPG遊戲完美移植在手機上,與好友一起征服激戰副本模式。
• 雙人組隊副本模式:2人組隊挑戰副本,在“裂縫”模式中獲得特殊獎勵。
• 4人線上激戰模式:在線上即時3:3 PvP中擊敗對手成為最強王者吧。
• 超強的角色養成系統:跳脫收集型態,培養專屬於你的英雄。
• 龐大的成就系統:最強勇士的必經之路。
• 必殺“憤怒’系統”:體驗超越極限的動作。
暗黑復仇者2 官方粉絲團: https://www.facebook.com/DarkAvenger2.tw?fref=ts

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