Opera Max - Data booster

Almost everything you do on your Android phone uses data. Streaming video and music, browsing, playing connected games - it all eats into your data plan. But, with Opera Max standing between your apps and the data they need, you can cut your data usage in half with the tap of a button.
Boost your mobile and Wi-Fi data.
Protect yourself on Wi-Fi.
Block and restrict data-hungry apps.

Why use Opera Max?

► Boost your mobile and Wi-Fi data - Opera Max shrinks content before it reaches your phone - and your bill! Whether you're on mobile or Wi-Fi, Opera Max helps you make the most of data.

► Protect yourself - With a single tap, Opera Max secures your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots, encrypting your data and keeping you safe from data spies.

► Block data-draining apps - Find out which apps use the most data - you can even choose to block them from using data altogether.

Other great features

✔ Save on Wi-Fi data, too: Opera Max works on both Wi-Fi and mobile networks, so you can still save data if you're using a personal Wi-Fi hotspot or hub with a limited data plan.

✔ Take control of your data: Opera Max gives you details of each app's data usage over time.

✔ Discover top savers: Not only can you find out which of your apps is saving the most data, you can also find out which new apps save the most data with Opera Max.

✔ Manage your apps: Smart alerts help you prevent data wastage fromby apps working in the background.

Have questions or need help? Visit: http://www.opera.com/help/max/android

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下載 Opera Max,全盤掌控您的數據用量。


- 使用 YouTube、Netflix、Line、Instagram、Google Chrome、Gaana、Pandora、Slacker Radio 等熱門應用程式時,為您節省數百萬字節的數據用量
- 監看應用程式,瞭解耗費最多數據的是哪些
- 管理您的數據耗用情形,延長數據方案使用時間
- 提振 Wi-Fi 速度,節省更多數據量
- 掌控漫遊時所使用的數據量
- 防止應用程式使用背景數據

請看 Android Authority 的最新 Opera Max 評析影片:

• 能從 YouTube 和 Netflix 看更多影片
在您觀看 YouTube 上的影片、或 Netflix 上喜愛的節目與電影時,節省多達 50% 的數據用量。

• 隨時隨處聆聽更多音樂
在您使用熱門音樂串流應用程式,如 YouTube Music、Gaana、Saavn、Pandora 及 Slacker Radio 時,節省多達 40% 的數據用量。

• 阻擋應用程式,並管理默默於背景使用數據的情形
您可收到 Opera Max 所提供的智慧警告,便於管理未用應用程式所浪費的數據量。Opera Max 能讓您選擇性地封鎖應用程式,不允許其使用背景數據或任何種類的數據。

• 管理所有應用程式上的數據

• 保障私密與安全
Opera Max 不會分析或儲存私密資料。若您對於 Opera Max 的隱私作法需要更多資料,請參閱我們在 http://opera.com/help/max/android/ 的常見問題集。

* 節約量數據係自美國測試版使用者取樣所得,您的節約量可能有所不同。

更多詳情盡在 http://opera.com/mobile/max/。
有技術上的問題嗎?請參閱我們的常見問題集,網址 http://opera.com/help/max/android/。
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