Don't Be Squared

"Don't be Squared is a gorgeous endless autorunner... Draw your own path." Pocket Gamer

Don't Be Squared is an exhilarating action runner where you draw clouds to jump over obstacles and tap to spin attack enemies. A mad scientist is turning everything into cubes. Run as fast and far as you can to escape his magic ray and avoid becoming squared! Draw clouds to jump, bounce, fling, yank, smash and dash your way through an unforgettable adventure packed with adrenaline. Whatever you do, don't be squared!

- Fast-spaced, high-speed, pulse-pounding platforming action
- Simple one-finger tap and swipe controls
- Eye-popping graphics and rip-roaring cartoon animations
- Run through jungles, caves, islands, volcanoes, and secret locations
- Unlock and upgrade surprising characters, power-ups, weapons and sidekicks
- Compete against your friends to get the best high score

While Don't Be Squared is completely free to play, some in-game items such as power-ups or extra lives will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device's settings.

「Don't be Squared 是一款精彩的無限跑酷遊戲...跑出自己的道路。」Pocket Gamer
Don’t Be Squared 是一款令人振奮的動作遊戲,您可以繪出雲朵然後跳過障礙物,然後輕觸一下即可旋轉攻擊敵人。瘋狂科學家要將一切都變成方塊。趕快逃離他的魔法光束,才不會被他變成方塊!繪出雲朵然後一路跳躍,彈起、飛行、重擊、粉碎和衝撞,享受讓人腎上腺素飆升的難忘冒險。不管做什麼,只要不被變成方塊就行!

- 緊湊、快速、令人心跳加速的動作遊戲
- 簡單的單指輕觸和滑動控制
- 搶眼的圖片和歡樂精彩的動畫
- 跳過叢林、洞穴、島嶼、火山和秘密地點
- 解鎖和升級令人驚豔的角色、能力值、武器和配角
- 和朋友比賽誰的分數最高

Don't Be Squared 是款免費的遊戲,不過某些遊戲內的項目,例如能力值或額外的生命將需要付費。您可以在裝置設定中停用應用程式內購買功能,以關閉付款功能。

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