Popular manga/anime 'Hunter x Hunter' is finally making its smartphone debut!

- Game Introduction
Create a dream team from the characters of the 'Hunter x Hunter' world! While using missions and scouts to gather companions, complete various tasks and aim for the Triple Star Hunter title!

- 'Hunter x Hunter' All-Stars!
While well-known characters like Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio are naturally in the game, there are also appearances from other characters of the 'Hunter x Hunter' world, such as members of the Hunters Association, the Phantom Troupe, the Shadow Beasts, the Greed Island Players, and the Chimera Ants!

- Intuitive 'Real-Time x Hunter Action'
Control the characters just by swiping across the game screen.
Obtain victory in battle by analyzing the situation and using split-second member changes and powerful skills.

- Create An Original Team that Fits Your Battle Style
Bring together various skills and hunter types like 'Fighter' who excels at attacks, 'Sniper' who can attack long-range, or 'Healer' who can recover HP, and develop diverse strategies. Create your very own dream team and clear missions!!

*This application can be played to the end for free, but some items require a fee.

人氣漫畫/動畫「HUNTER×HUNTER 獵人」終於推出智慧型手機遊戲了!
"集結在「HUNTER×HUNTER 獵人」世界當中出現過的角色,組成專屬自己的夢幻隊伍!
■「HUNTERxHUNTER 獵人」群星總動員!
獵人協會的成員、幻影旅團、陰獸、GI玩家、甚至連嵌合蟻等「HUNTER×HUNTER 獵人」的角色們全部都會登場!"



Android4.0 以上


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