TETRIS® Battle Drop

TETRIS® Battle Drop is a multiplayer Tetris game based on Tetris Battle, the smash-hit Facebook application that has been enjoyed by more than 50 million puzzle enthusiasts from all over the world!

Featuring new intuitive touch controls, Tetris Battle Drop makes playing Tetris easier than ever before. You no longer need to touch the falling Tetrimino (block) to control it. Now you can simply tap where you want to DROP it.

More Game Features:

> Battle opponents in short arcade-style head-to-head matches. Try knocking out your opponent before time expires by clearing lines. Climb your way through the Tetris Ranks by winning battles to encounter more challenging competitors all over the world. How high can you climb?--It's your turn to be king of the hill!

> Hassle-free matchmaking system that matches you with similarly-skilled competitors. Regardless of when you play, there's always someone waiting to play--24/7, 365 days a year!

> Play face-to-face matches using the Local Battle Mode. This mode allows you to battle another opponent using the same device. The goal is to push your opponent to the top of the Matrix, but if a winner isn't declared within the first two minutes, both players will feel the pressure of the sudden death squeeze. Let the trash talking begin!

> It's totally FREE to download, and FREE to play! What are you waiting for?

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