Wonky Ship

Star Trek™. Resisting the black hole is futile, but now you have choices beyond the worst ship ever. Boldly go where no Wonky Ship has gone before... with 6 new ships from the Star Trek™ universe. Today is a good day to live long and prosper!

[Surgeon General's Warning]
This game is NOT recommended for the faint of heart. Playing may cause cold sweats, rage blisters, Crushphone Syndrome, screech-face, intense euphoria, and well, straight up wonkiness.

So whats this all about?
You're a daring intergalactic pilot, desperately trying to outmaneuver the ravenous pull of a plasma-fueled black hole. You'll weave, dodge, cuss, flip out, and roll around like you've never done in a video game before. And then you'll die. Often.

Like all the time.

Hope you enjoy disintegration!

Please note: Kiz Studios will not compensate you for any phone or tablet crushed in a fit of rage while playing Wonky Ship.

We already broke all of ours.

What our fans are saying:
「This is the final frontier. The most intense experience I've had standing up.」 —Capt. K
"Wonky Ship really blew my mind—and I've blown up fully armed and operational battle stations.」 —Luke S.
「Roarghejhwharrrrrr.」 —Chew B.
「And I thought dance-offs were the hardest challenge in space.」 —Star-Prince. Or was it Space Lord?
「I told our programmers, 『Make a hard game.』 Not like this. Not like this.」—S. Johnson, Kiz Studios

From the deeply twisted minds who brought you Halos and Might & Mayhem, prepare to experience one of the most intense, addictive, and challenging arcade games ever created. Invite your friends to play using Facebook Connect and engage in our Multiplayer Madness mode. Joust, ram, and outsmart your fellow pilots to see who gets vaporized first.

In space, no one can hear you throw your phone against a wall.

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