Ark of War - AOW

- Enter your country's guild and vie with players from all over the globe to become the ruler of the universe!
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I built, I sailed, I conquered!

With the expansion of the population, Earth is becoming increasingly crowded. The whole galaxy has turned into a new battlefield between human beings and extraterrestrial civilizations. Though governed by the Imperial Federation Government. The galaxy is still in the upheaval between various powers. On Planet Tekkman, you and alien creatures will operate your own space arks and create formidable fleets to confront against the Imperial Federation Government, fighting for living space and rebuilding the order.

Mighty Space Arks
- Construct your fortress on huge space arks.
- Operate the space ark on the battlefield in any way you deem.
- Battle like a carrier, attack your enemies while moving your ark.

Ultimate Galactic Military Power
- Upgrade your ark to elevate its power and change its appearance.
- Collect, equip and evolve terrific human and alien commanders.
- Establish your armed forces consisting of space infantries, mechs and spacecrafts.

MMO Strategic Gameplay
- Launch large-scale and real-time wars of alliance between hundreds of arks.
- Grab territories for your alliance with players from all around the world and chat through real-time translation.
- Dominate and govern a planet and rule over it. Use diplomacy to establish the order of your world.
  • Trade your equipment and resources with other players and become a space merchant.

全新策略手遊"Ark of War(星際海盜)",全球上線!



- 打造屬於你自己的太空方舟
- 駕駛太空方舟,翱翔于洪荒宇宙
- 指揮你的戰隊,追趕並且粉碎你的敵人"

- 以前你只在漫畫書裡看過超級英雄,現在他們與你並肩作戰
- 收集,武裝,進化來自於各個星球的指揮官
- 步兵,機甲,戰機等多種士兵讓戰場瞬息萬變"

- 選擇你的陣營,加入你的艦隊,和全球玩家一起爭霸星際
- 超快超准的即時翻譯系統,讓你和你的朋友無障礙溝通
  • 與其他玩家即時交易物資和道具,你也可以成為下一個戰爭之王