POGs Battle

Get HYPE! Play for keeps as you battle other real humans in this grown-up schoolyard classic! Collect POGs and unlock Slammers in POGs Battle!

Don’t you want to SLAM, FLIP and COLLECT rare POGs? Even better, don’t you want to take them from your friends just like when we were little. Yea...those were the days! 

STAKE your POG in REAL TIME! Take what you flip and collect SETs to unlock sweet lookin’ Slammers! Climb the leaderboards and WIN cool SHINY prizes!

Play for Keeps now in POGs Battle! 

90s kids grew up…. So did POGs!

• INSANE real-time battles against friends and foes! It’s you VS the world, but don’t worry. We don’t have 7 ex’s for you to defeat to win our heart!
• PLAY FOR KEEPS! Stake your POGs and flip your foes. Keep the spoils! 
• COLLECT shiny POG Sets to unlock sweet Slammers!
• CLIMB to the TOP of the Weekly League and score killer prizes! 

Whad’ya say? Give us a shot and see if you can become the next POGs Champ!

"Yesss! Playing this makes me as happy as playing pokemon go, I miss pogs! Long 
live the 90s! Keep the up the good work devs!”

"Congratulations! Very cool. You guys are great at making games I love your apps and games”

"I really like this game it's really fun. I give it 10/10. But, there is no 10 star rating.”

"Very good the best game I've ever played. Straight 5 stars"

"5 out of 5 for me. Great graphics. Lots of caps to collect.”

"Loving the hell out of it. Brings me back to my younger days. Good job: keep up the good work."

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