Battle it out against your friends and real-world opponents in WarFriends, the 1v1 real-time multiplayer shooter that has fans and critics going wild!       

“It’s easy to understand why so many mobile gamers have been raving about WarFriends.” – Gamezebo 

“The time you spend with it will be spent with a bang-bang shooty grin on your face.” – Pocket Gamer

What’s a little war between friends? Go head-to-head with real opponents and duke it out in thrilling, fast-paced combat battles, or team up to climb the leaderboards. Build the world’s best army in this unique 3D tactical action game from the makers of Mega Dead Pixel. Dodge bullets, dive for cover, and take out invading enemy forces by any means necessary!

Recruit shotgunners, drones, and jet-pack troopers  to create an unstoppable army. Strategically deploy your soldiers in the heat of battle to take out rivals. Collect WarCards as you play and stack your deck for game-changing perks. Use them in battle to slow your opponent, boost weapons, inflate enemy heads for improved targeting, and much more.

Enlist friends to fight alongside you in ranked online death-matches when you join or create a squad. Battle to the top of the leaderboards for world-wide bragging rights and plan your next attack in squad chat. Dive into WarPath mode for frenetic co-op play with friends or squad members and earn extraordinary rewards. 

Collect a full arsenal of weapons, ranging from pistols and sniper rifles, to shotguns and anti-tank bazookas. Easily hone in on opponents, switch between weapons as you reload, and dodge incoming grenades with intuitive touch controls. Customize your arsenal to enhance your strategy and prepare to destroy all challengers.

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「不難理解為什麼這麼多手遊玩家對《WarFriends》讚不絕口。」 – Gamezebo 

「玩這款遊戲你將會情不自禁的眉開眼笑。」 – Pocket Gamer

和朋友之間的小小戰爭會是怎樣呢?在刺激、節奏快的戰役中與真正的對手正面交鋒,一決高下;或是組隊登上排行榜。在這款由《Mega Dead Pixel》製作團隊所製的獨特3D戰略動作遊戲中打造出全世界最棒的軍隊。閃躲子彈、潛入掩護,並不惜一切代價解決入侵的敵軍!

徵招散彈槍手、無人機與噴射飛行軍組成一支無敵軍隊。在激烈的戰場上有策略地部署你的士兵,解決你的對手。 收集遊戲中的戰卡,並累積你的牌組來獲得改變戰局的技能。作戰時善加利用,可以拖慢對手速度、強化武器、膨脹敵人的頭部方便瞄準,以及更多。




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