HamSonic JumpJump

 【GAME STORY】 ------------------------------------------ Hamsonic who looks like this .. super cute Hamster. Hamsonic heard the news that a King Sunflower seed lives far far away. Our small but very cute Hamsonic bordered the news was so excited. The world's Cause to love sunflower seeds. Hamsonic decided to leave for finding a King sunflower seed. But the journey is not easy. Day and night,, forests and oceans,, iced mountains and other places where there are so many scary obstacles. Especially, a wild bear.. You. King Sunflower seed!! Wait for me!! ------------------------------------------ · Go Hamster Guy.. Hamsonic! run away !! · Help cute Hamsonic to run away before an angry bear catches him. · Collect 5 sunflower seeds and attack the angry bear! · Eat as many foods and seeds as you can for your High Score !! · Jump, Slide, Swing !!! ○ Dodge the various obstacles !!! ○ Tap [Jump] to leap the obstacles. ○ Tap [Slide] to slip under hanging obstacles. ○ Tap [Jump] [Jump] to swing from spider in the ceiling. You can jump over the large traps. 【GAME HIGHLIGHTS】 ★ addictive dash game and nonstop fun!! ★ Super cute animal characters.(Kids and adults will love it even) ★ Encounter various obstacles : rabbits, monkeys, bears, snakes, totem poles,… more.. ★ 6 different Backgrounds. ★ Bonus Score with Super Foods! Enjoy Playing with HamSonic !!!